That rocked the stage



1st edition of DNM, 26th of April, 2017

Jaya the Cat will take you out on a night out, and things will for sure get weird. You will dance, laugh, and sing along at the top of your lungs even if you really can’t sing, and all your friends know it and love you nevertheless. You will find yourself tapping your foot and nodding your head although you’re “not really into reggae, I’m a metal guy”. You will be happier than you thought you could be. You will end up in places you didn’t even know existed. And somehow you’ll make it home safely with your keys, phone and wallet intact. Jaya the Cat will leave glitter confetti in your bedroom floor and take you out for breakfast. Or lunch, because, you know, breakfast will definitely be too early for you. Originating in Boston 1998, Jaya the Cat promptly relocated to Amsterdam, and with a crew of diverse and international musicians continue perfecting the art of making the perfect musical cocktail to get you through this night and into the next one. With equal parts reggae, punk, ska, a splash of electronics and a sprig of dub with a shot of whiskey on the side.


1st edition of DNM, 26th of April, 2017

Coming from the Dutch port town of Rotterdam and formed way way back in 2004 Drunken Dolly are one of the best bands around. They have a pop-punk sound that is pretty original and that fast and furious celtic-punk is super catchy and the perfect accompaniment for a beer or two. Or alcoholic rhapsody if you will. Inspired by Irish and celtic music and their love of punk rock they briefly split up back in the day but missed the drunkenness and debauchery involved in being in a celtic-punk band so got back together in 2014 and decided to take things a wee bit more seriously.


2nd edition of DNM, 24th of March 2018

Many moons ago 2 boys came into the possession of an old church organ. Armored with the organ and a 3piece drum kit, they created a couple of tunes and within a week made their first appearance playing at a underwater party. The crowd went insane and the Sound Of zZz was born. Their killer debut album (Sound of zZz – 2005), recorded for the biggest part on their boat-turned-music-factory, was the kick off for a two year tour around the globe. Several months in the USA, shows in Japan, Russia and South Africa. All over Europe including festivals like Benicassim and Glastonbury. During these two years, zZz became known for their brutal and intense live performances and their massive sound.

The Dirty Denims

2nd edition of DNM, 24th of March 2018

The Dirty Denims play Happy Hardrock: hardrock that makes you feel good in a heartbeat. Combined with rock ’n roll, powerpop and a slice of punkrock it sounds like AC/DC, KISS, Joan Jett, Ramones and The Donnas. When playing live these rockchicks and guys are at their best; an energetic show of a band that exudes fun, likes audience participation and doesn’t taking themselves too seriously. The Dutch festival Lowlands defined their music as very tight punk- and hardrock, with riffs inspired by Ramones and AC/DC. Frontwoman Mirjam delivers the most recognizable element: a voice like Joan Jett and Debbie Harry. With their catchy songs and energy they will they will make you throw your fists in the air and scream “YEAH”!


3rd edition of DNM, 13th of October 2018

Green Lizard, this band from Tilburg but now based in Amsterdam is known for their energetic live shows, are back! Remi, Bryan and Willy, supported by new members Axel and Jochem are playing rock n’ roll with influences from grunge, punk-rock, hard rock and metal. With hundreds of shows in Europe and the USA at festivals like Pinkpop, Lowlands, Sziget, Paaspop and a really successful club tour in 2017 (90% sold out) they will bring their well-known repertoire to what might be their wildest adventure thus far; Dropkicks ‘N Moshpits!


3rd edition of DNM, 13th of October 2018

He is the rock n’ roll mascotte of the Netherlands! When the Speedrockers (Peter Pan Speedrock) called it quits Dikke Dennis decided it was time to pursue his biggest dream! Dikke Dennis & the Rockers was born! You can expect some of his own work alongside classics like ‘de Schoppenaas’ & R.A.M.O.N.E.S.