Crazy out of controle




A descendant from an evil doctor who in top secret created a super army during the 1940’s during the German reign. A legacy that went from family member to family member. The doctor is keeper of an evil black magic book, and controller of his personal henchman Baron Satanico which he brought back to life using the book. His mission is to create a New World Order. He is convinced that he will be the perfect person to lead this new reign and dictatorship



The personal henchman and protector of Doctor Smidt. During the first and second world war he served as a bounty hunter for the Germans. Originally born in Austria, died in 1944 in Berlin after being hanged by the Russians. Brought back to life after serving some time in hell, by his controller Doctor Smidt. He has a new born rivalry with Kid Lux after Kid Lux made a mockery out of the Doctor and his squad of goons. Now Baron Satanico’s only purpose is to serve the doctor and destroying Kid Lux & the new generation of Punk Rockers.



An army of foot soldiers created by Doctor Smidt with body parts from fallen soldiers and black magic spells. They are being kept alive by feeding of the energy of their fallen opponents. The more they get knocked down, the stronger they become. They don’t stop until their task is completed.



Mot is an extrovert to say the least. Doesn’t hide his love for other men, dogs, leashes, whips and leather. He is called “Der Hund” for a reason, dogs are his passion and likes to bite like one too. As a true pit-bull, Mot bites and holds on to his opponents until he can claim victory. Walks to the ring with the doctor by his side, on hands and knees while he’s wearing (and enjoying) his dog collar. This isn’t a “bitch” to mess with.



The Dutch Fighting Machine! Not only because he’s build like the Terminator (and hits like one) but also because he’s a true fighter by heart. A real manly man. Used to judo on a high national level with many victories on his name, Kenzo directed his fighting skills into a new path of destruction. Isn’t good or bad, doesn’t like bullshit or wimps. ‘Man needs to fight and get back up, not run away like pussies.’ Watch out for his infamous.. CHOP!



A loner who fights his own battles. A lonewolf, who isn’t good or social with people. He had to change his mentality to fight the Doctor and his plans for world dictatorship. Kid lux stands for Dropkicks ‘n Moshpits, and takes great honor in that. He isn’t going to let the doctor and especially The Baron, ruin the show. He has a long lasting feud with the Baron with battles from Amsterdam to Budapest which hasn’t seen the end; things are heating up between these two!



Welcomes you to the jungle! He likes his pants as tight as the pussies he fucks. During the day he rocks the stage but when the night falls he is coming for your sisters (and mothers and daughters). He’s too fast for love, has looks that kill, rocks you like a hurricane, kickstarts your heart and will make you go down. Living the rockstar life is something the Doctor does not agree on. He wants to stop Axl from partying hard. Of course Axl is not gonna let his buzz be killed!