Meet the jabronis


Dropkicks ‘N Moshpits is a live action thrill ride which will make your body tremble, your heart pound, your throats sore and leave your head spinning. Larger than life characters like you might know them from the early eighties wrestling days will collide with sleazy punk/rock bands to give you a truly outstanding and unique experience. This show is right in your face as the ring is situated in front of the stage and in the middle of the moshpit. It is surrounded by the audience who are a big part of the show. You as a crowd are highly encouraged to scream, cuss, bang your head & hit the ring canvas with your hands to be as vocal as possible. All of this is going on while there is a punk/rock band playing live on stage and provide this event of their very own and unique soundtrack.

For the romantic couples or for those who need a breather from partying, we created a little space to chill out. Here you can still experience this (somewhat) controlled chaos. But from a distance. This will give you the feeling of being in a Hollywood blockbuster action movie!

The evening is visually supported by an for every event custom made motion picture. Which is being shot with professional actors. These videos are being displayed on the screen during the night. This motion picture will support and tell the running storyline for this night. To make it an even stronger story and outstanding experience the décor is being made by our own extraordinary designers.

Nick (Kid Lux) & Barry (captain of Café The Skiff) are the founders of this once in a lifetime experience. Nick never saw wrestling just as a show by itself, but as the ultimate rock show. Barry has a broad experience with supporting bands on the road and organizing events. So when these worlds came together while sipping some drinks and contemplating life’s philosophies, the idea for this jaw dropping extravaganza rock n’ roll show was born.

Captain Barry


Barry has been a dj and organizing events and parties since what seems like forever. He started this when he was a volunteer at ‘de Tagrijn’, a venue in Hilversum was on the exact same spot ‘de Vorstin’ is now located. Also, Barry has been a roadie for Jaya The Cat for about 10 years. This is also where he ran into Nick, sharing the love for partying and this band, is the foundation of their longtime friendship.

Six years ago Barry became the captain of his own ship; Café The Skiff. After working at café de Roozen for a while the owner asked him if he wanted to take over. A little bit insecure but very willing to try he jumped into this adventure.
A new name and a new owner made The Skiff the place to be in Hilversum if you are looking for good drinks, even better music and the best crew you can wish for!

Barry’s passion for music, bands and giving people one hell of a good time is how he got into organizing his own shows at The Skiff. Hilversum Alive and now Dropkicks ‘N Moshpits!

Nick (Kid) Lux


Nicks love and interest for wrestling and this kind of showmanship started at a young age. He was able to learn the craft of wrestling from wrestling superstars all over the world. He attended training camps with legends like Sabu, David “Fit” Finlay and stayed with Brian Kendrick’s School of Pro Wrestling in California for a while to learn not only about the acting and performing of live wrestling, but also the television show aspect of it.

He has wrestled all over Europe against local and well-known personalities and had the opportunity to extend his knowledge even further when he was contacted by the WWE, the biggest wrestling company in the world to get to know more about their training and expertise.

Nick never saw wrestling just as a show by itself, but as the ultimate rock show. So he decided it was time for his very own wrestling event where he can combine a bunch of the stuff he loves! Punk-rock, design, creating stuff, having a good time and ofcourse; wrestling!

Through his previous work for Converse’s design and marketing department he got into contact with bands like Green Lizard, Jaya The Cat and Janez Detd.

He slowly but surely created a network of musicians and people like Barry, that were more than happy to help him create the ultimate rock show of his wet dreams.
The brand is built around the story of Mexican wrestler EL JEFE who brings. According to his loyal customers; FLAVOR OF THE REVOLUTION ‘Gospel of the Spicy Flavor’ to the Netherlands.


EL JEFE a.k.a. Joris de M. busted his ass 15+ years strong for others and eventually wanted to direct his skills for advertisement into something that not only sparked his creative mind but also his taste buds. He turned his passion for home cooked salsa into a small empire. The taste is incredible, but the idea is simple. Primo salsa with only FRESH ingredients and NO SUGARS!

EL JEFE’s primo salsa is bringing the real authentic Mexican Salsa, Started small from his own kitchen smuggling peppers from Mexico City, to a private own factory in Amsterdam where he bottles fresh salsa every day with the same passion and drive as when he started out. EL JEFE’s Primo Salsa is being sold in Albert Heijn and local markets. When he heard about Nick & Barry creating this concept of Dropkicks ‘N Moshpits he knew he wanted to be part of it and help them where ever he could. Making sure this event will be as spicy and smoking hot like his salsa.

Tom van der Linden


Tom and Nick (Kid Lux) met when Nick was looking for a designer to make the poster for the first Dropkicks ‘N Moshpits event. Nick saw Toms portfolio and just knew he would be up for the task. When Tom was a teenager, he was an avid watcher of WWE. All the wrestlers and their crazy personas were the things that got him hooked. Dropkicks ‘N Moshpits combines that with heavy and fast music, another passion of his. What more could you wish for?

Tom educational background in design lies in graphic design and games, but since he was a kid he always had a passion for illustration, comic books and SNES games. Everything colorful and loud was and still is interesting to him.

He started out as a freelancer back in 2012, then went into the Theme Park industry for 3,5 years as a Visual Theme Park designer from 2013 until 2017, and now he has returned to freelancing, drawing; mostly storyboards for TV serie’s and making promotional illustrations for bands and music events.